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Curriculum & Standards

The Curriculum and Standards Committee is responsible for looking in detail at how well Greatfield Park School is meeting the needs of all its pupils by providing a broad and balanced curriculum and enabling all pupils to make good progress in all areas of the curriculum and achieve well through good quality teaching and learning. This includes finding out how effective the School is at supporting particular groups of pupils; including those with Special Educational Needs, Disadvantaged Pupils and pupils in Early Years.


We want to know how successful the School is at supporting children to behave well and develop positive attitudes to learning, as well as how it is supporting pupils to become responsible citizens with a good understanding of how to keep themselves and others safe and healthy.


Finally the Curriculum and Standards Committee reports to the whole Governing Body on Safeguarding, working with the School Leadership to ensure robust safeguarding processes and procedures are in place.


We carry out our role by holding regular meetings with leaders in school to find out what actions they are taking to address areas for improvement and how well these are working, we look at how effectively money is spent to support specific groups in school, we analyse data to identify strengths and areas for development, we talk to pupils to find out their views and visit the school to see it in action. Our aim is to support and challenge the School Leaders to ensure the best possible outcomes for all children at Greatfield Park School, and to feed back our findings to the whole Governing Body to keep it well informed

Chair of Curriculum & StandardsVice-Chair of Curriculum & Standards
Jane Foster

Louise Robbins


Kirstin Eccles

Colin Belford


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Pupil Premium OutcomesLouise Robbins
SafeguardingJane Foster (Interim)
SENDKirstin Eccles
Teaching, Learning & Curriculum ProvisionColin Belford
Early YearsJane Foster
Pupil VoiceVACANT
British ValuesVACANT