Early Help

Our commitment to Early Help at Greatfield Park is central to our work in safeguarding children and ensuring the best outcomes for all.

All children receive what we call ‘Universal Services’, however some children will need extra support in order to be healthy, safe and achieve their potential.

We believe that Early Help is about focussing on how we can help people to do things for themselves and build on strengths within families. If we can get this right early on, at the right time, we get the opportunity to help people with areas of their life they may be struggling with, which sets people up for a better long-term future.

The help we offer is delivered by a wide range of professionals including:

How can I access this service?

If you have any concerns, please talk to us. We can make a referral to the Gloucestershire Early Help. If your child is pre –school age GPs, health visitors and children’s centre staff all know about the Early Help Service and can help to make a referral if that is what you think would help.

Our approach is to work closely with families and to hold a Team Around the Child (TAC) of Team Around the Family (TAF) meeting so that everyone is clear about what we are trying to achieve and who is doing what. Before we can start to work with your family we need your consent. The work is confidential and you will be asked for permission for us to speak with other relevant professionals on your behalf.

GlosFamilies Directory say on the website that this is what effective early help feels like for children and families:

  • We only have to tell our story once.
  • We are listened to, heard and respected at every stage of our journey through early help.
  • We can have early help for the whole family.
  • We can focus on strengths and building resilience.
  • We have a trusted individual in our lives that we can confidently turn to for help when we need it.
  • We are supported to think about what to change and how we might make those changes.

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Key Staff - Senior Leadership Team

Mr David Scorer Headteacher – Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Jenny Robbins Deputy Headteacher and Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead
Mrs Gail Bateman SENDCo Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead

The Prevent Duty

The Counter-Terrorism and Security Act, which came into force on 1 July 2015, requires certain authorities, including schools, to "have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism". This is known as the 'Prevent duty'. All staff at Greatfield Park have been trained on the Prevent Duty and have regular refreshers. Protecting pupils from the risk of radicalisation is part of our wider safeguarding duties. All staff are trained to take action if they have cause for concern, as with any other safeguarding risk.

Child Sexual Explotation

All staff have been trained to identify indicators of child sexual exploitation (CSE). The ‘CSE Screening Tool’ is used, with support from the GSCE (Gloucestershire Safeguarding Children Executive) if we have concerns about a child.

Female Genital Mutilation

All staff have been trained on female genital mutilation (FGM) . Staff are able to identify indicators, risks and respond to concerns in line with our school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.

All of the above aspects are covered in the school’s Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy and SEND Policy. They are available on the School Policies page on our school website or on request from the school office.

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