Our Ethos

Greatfield Park Primary is a special place where the staff are dedicated to providing a stimulating, caring and exciting environment where everyone feels valued and safe, ideas can flourish and pupils can realise their full potential. Our aim is to nurture your child to enable them to fulfil their own personal dreams.

There is a real family feel to our school which is underpinned by our value system.

Our merit values spell out the word DREAMS. We will nurture your child to enable them to fulfil their own personal dreams.

Being DETERMINED is having the ability to continue trying to do something. This also defines trying, when it may be hard to do. It is the unstoppable desire to reach your goals. Being determined can help you overcome lots of things in your life.

Being RESPECTFUL is when you care about other people’s feelings, wishes, or rights. We show respect to other children and adults around school and can gain respect from other people by behaving sensibly and working hard.

Being EXCELLENT is the quality of being outstanding or extremely good. Trying to be excellent means not just being happy with ‘that’s good enough’.

Being ASPIRATIONAL is when you have a strong desire to achieve something. We encourage all our children to have their clear aspirations; these can be academic, sporting or creative.

Being MATURE is when you behave in an appropriate manner. This could include treating people the same, thinking of others and not doing the same as everyone else.

Being SUPPORTIVE is when you give support to someone else by being friendly and kind.

Kids Waving