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Children are encouraged to participate fully in a wide range of sporting activities from the very beginning of their school life. Pupils receive at least two hours of physical activity per week within the curriculum time, taking full advantage of our school’s excellent indoor and outdoor facilities. Teachers and coaches deliver lessons that encourage respect, tolerance and appreciation of each other’s achievements and abilities. Pupils develop their skills in agility, physical coordination, fitness, confidence as well as an understanding of what it means to be healthy and live a healthy lifestyle.


In Years 2 and 3, children have weekly swimming lessons, delivered by qualified swimming instructors. Priority is given to increasing water confidence and ensuring that all children learn to swim.


There are a range of sporting activities for pupils to participate in as part of their extra-curricular education, with opportunities available in football, hockey, netball, tennis and cricket. These are provided by the staff as well as by qualified coaches who are brought in to provide expert tuition. Team games are played in season, both within school and against teams from neighbouring schools.