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Finance & Resources Committee

The Finance and Resources Committee is responsible for looking in detail at the school’s financial planning and monitoring. We also look at the staffing of the school, the maintenance and development of the school's premises and buildings, and the school’s relationship with the wider community.


The Governing Body of the school is responsible for setting the school budget and for monitoring income and expenditure during the year. We look at the budget in detail, and report back to the full Governing Body at their main meetings. The committee is also responsible for completing a document called the Schools Financial Value Standard every year which is required by the Local Authority and is used by Ofsted. This document enables the school to compare its financial and other key indicators against national benchmarks in order to provide evidence of secure financial management.


We work with the Headteacher to ensure that the staffing matches the needs of the curriculum and the wider operation of the school, for example administration and premises maintenance. We ensure that recruitment procedures follow best practice, including equalities legislation, and that the performance of staff, including the Headteacher, is monitored. The committee also reviews and monitors the school’s procedures for dealing with staff conduct, capability and grievance, recommending any changes to the full Governing Body.


The committee is responsible for working with the Headteacher on all matters concerning the maintenance and development of the school buildings and grounds. This includes ensuring that the premises and the operation of the school are compliant with all of the relevant health and safety regulations. We also ensure that the school has an up to date Accessibility Plan which supports the school in taking into account the needs of, and improving access for, pupils, staff and members of the wider community who have physical or mental impairment.


The Governing Body recognises that good communication and a strong relationship with parents and the wider community is essential for the success of the school and we work with the Headteacher to ensure that these partnerships are maintained and developed.


Committee Structure


Chair of Finance & ResourcesVice-Chair of Finance & Resources
Andy SymsAdrian Bamford


Michelle Andjelkovic

Colin Belford

Jenny Robbins


Clerk: Alison Portch



Governor Link Roles


FinanceAndy Syms
GDPR Andy Syms
Staff & School WellbeingColin Belford
ICT (infrastructure)Andy Syms
School WebsiteAdrian Bamford
Health & Safety and PremisesAndy Syms and Michelle Andjelkovic
Parent & Community EngagementMichelle Andjelkovic
Wrap Around ProvisionAndy Syms


Contact Us

If you wish to contact the Governing Body, or any of its committees, please email the Clerk to Governors,
Alison Portch: